Deep’s End (2022)
Derwa is the last of the Natéan Watch, pledged to protect the town of Deep’s End from the dangers of an ancient forest on its borders. Derwa is dedicated, coarse and tough, but worrying signs are all around. When a strange young man walks out of the Deepwood, his naivety (and lack of clothing) are the least of her worries. Ginka trees are flowering at night, goblins are massing, and someone has cut the feet off Old Lindon’s land-wyrms.

The doom of Deep’s End is coming, and Derwa is the only one who can stop it.

Code of the Communer (2020)
Wild woods, ancient ruins, and terrifying monsters, Code of the Communer is atmospheric fantasy with a can’t-put-me-down narrative. Take an immersive journey into the Wildwood with this semi-finalist in the SPFBO 2020 Fantasy Awards.